• Specification – 12X16 Inch Wipes – 50 Sheets in a Packet (Pack of 3) i.e. 150 Wipes
  •  100% plant fibers. Lint free non woven fabric.
  • Wet and dry dual-use, no chemical addition, soft and comfortable, good quality.
  • Non-irritating, no harm to skin.
  • Smooth soft, not fluff, no fiber falls on the skin, Handy use, soft and comfortable feeling, widely used in beauty salon.
  • Made with natural cotton spunlace non-woven which is environmental, will not produce pollution to nature after finishing use.
  •  Applicable to wash and clean face, makeup removal, wipe perspiration. Convenient and lightweight, easy to carry out with package bag.
  • Product Details:
Package Dimensions  15 x 7 x 3 cm
Package Weight 300 Grams

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