• Can be used at Home, Office, Factories, Bakery, Hotels, Kitchen, Hair dying, Catering, Hospital, Sweet shop, housekeeping and Cleaning. Make yourself Safe from Bacteria. Lint free and resistance to fungal growth.
  • Free Size Fits Both Left & Right Hands As both Sides are same gloves are very smooth for improved feel. The size is also suitable for all hand sizes. Therefore, you can easily wear and use them during any situation
  • Designed for anyone to use, our work gloves are free of latex and powder. The shape ensures that you still have maximum range of movement with the gloves on.
  •  Useful for food prep, gardening, cleaning, salon, and any laborious manual work. Perfect for anyone to use, each glove fits on either your right or left hand so you never to go crazy finding another to complete your pair.
Item weight 90 Grams

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