Description :

  •  3 Layered Thick Padded Bag, This is Also Sturdy Bag in Nature & will not Suppress Easily Because it is thick padded
  • Back Shoulder Strap  to Easily Carry Anywhere Hassle Free
  • Thick Almost 1 inch Padding Inside & Pockets to Keep Accessories,  Can also be used for Other Similar Dimension Instrument.
  • Waist Belt is Attached with Bag, Very Light Weight Near 1 KG & Capable to Carry instruments like  Dholak & Accessories Load, Safeguard
  • One Upper Carry Handle; Black Colour Outside & Pink Inside, Sometime Inner Colour May Be Different.

Technical Details :

Model Djembe Padded Bag
Item Weight 900 Grams
Item Weight 900 g

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