Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Bio Degradable Poly Bags

With increasing environmental concerns, poly based products are converted into Bio - Degradable poly bags,

Shelf life of 12-24 months after which it degrades into smaller ashes and does not de-fertile the soil after de-gradation.

Product: Plain/Printed Poly Bags

Material Options: PP, LDPE, and HM

Size: 10 Centimeters to 76 Centimeters

Thickness: 40 Microns to 150 Microns

Base Material Color: Natural(Clear) & All Other Pantone Shades

Printing Type: Flexographic & Rotogravure

Worldwide Shipping

Printing Upto 4 colors Both Side

License No: 14/E-1/UPPCB NOIDA/2018

Bio-Degradable Zipper Bags

100% certified plant based product made from corn starch & rice starch.

100% Eco Friendly as Made From Plant Based Starch

100% C.I.P.E.T and C.P.C.B Certified Followed and Supported by Test Reports

High in Strength and 100% Sustainable

100% Compostable and Degradable in 120-150 Days Under Required Conditions

Print Options: Single Color Till Digital

Custom Size as Per Requirement

Worldwide Shipping

Packaging Type: Solutions For Each and Every Industry Who Wants to Switch to Sustainable Packing Solutions

Certificate No: B-17011/7/PWM(COMP)/2021/ (EPPL)

Difference Between Sustainable & Compostable Packaging